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The Official Website of San Diego's Bid to Host the 2026 Gay Games! #GGSD2026 @GGSD2026

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The official website of San Diego's Bid to Host the 2026 Gay Games.

  • One of eight cities remaining, started with 20 cities.
  • The ONLY city representing the United States.
  • Hasn't been held in California since 1986.

The mission of the Federation of Gay Games is to promote equality through the organization of the premiere international LGBTQ+ and gay-friendly sports and cultural event known as the Gay Games.

The Gay Games was conceived by Dr. Tom Waddell, an Olympic decathlete, and was first held in San Francisco in 1982. Subsequent Gay Games are San Francisco (1986), Vancouver (1990), New York (1994), Amsterdam (1998), Sydney (2002), Chicago (2006), Cologne (2010), Cleveland + Akron (2014), Paris (2018), and Hong Kong (2022).

The Gay Games is built upon the core principles of Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Bestâ„¢. Based on these values, since 1982, the Gay Games have brought together people from all over the world, with diversity, respect, equality, solidarity, and sharing. The Gay Games is open to all, young or old, athlete or artist, experienced or novice, gay or straight.

It is a fundamental principle of the Federation of Gay Games that all activities conducted under its auspices shall be inclusive in nature and that no individual shall be excluded from participating on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political belief(s), athletic / artistic ability, physical challenge, age, or health status.

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Timeline GGSD 2026

Timeline of the milestones for GGSD2026.

  • A record breaking 20 cities show interest in hosting the 2026 Gay Games. Deadline to submit Letter of Intent was 7/31/20. The San Diego Task Force has officially submitted their LOI on 7/30/20.

  • The field of 20 cities was narrowed down to 8 after 12 cities dropped from the competition. Australia, Europe, Asia and America are represented. Primary Bid Book Due 11/1/20. The San Diego Task Force has officially submitted their bid on 10/30/20.

  • 03 Milestone 3

    The Federation Gay Games has narrow down the field of 8 to the Top 3 "Short-List" on 2/1/21. Congratulations to Guadalajara (MEX), Munich (GER) and Valencia (ESP). The Top 3 Cities will then submit an expanded Bid Book by 4/30/21.

  • The Federation Gay Games will select the winning Bid and award the 2026 Host City by February 2022.



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Meet the team who put together the bid! Introducing the Gay Games San Diego Task Force!

Jerry Buckley

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Martha Henderson

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Tyler Foerster

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Sports Chair

Stephen Grooms

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Chris Powell

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America's Finest City Softball League - Front Runners San Diego - Gay Bowling League
San Diego American Flag Football League - San Diego Sparks - San Diego Tennis Federation

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